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Hi there!

I'm Anastasiia.

💚  I'm a growth coach for immigrant entrepreneurs. I help foreign business owners to build lifelong confidence in any personal or business decision and magnify their colorful identities in this multicultural world.

🙌 During my career, I averaged about a thousand little mistakes a year while building my own business abroad and going through personal challenges as an immigrant but I have yet to repeat any of them.

🌍 I speak 5 languages and have lived and worked in multicultural teams in several eastern and western countries.

🤗 Working in the freelance and startup environment, and on my own business, I have “cross-pollinated” over 200 people across 30 different teams and several countries, connecting people with opportunities that they were not aware of.

What can we focus on?


👉 Stronger leadership skills and personal charisma

👉 Effective team management and aligned communication

👉 Connection with suppliers, partners and investors globally

👉 Strong network building and knowledge sharing tailored to international entrepreneurs

👉 Better marketing strategies and tactics

👉 Guiding your team to a more powerful performance

👉 Balancing work and life as a business owner

👉 Personal development and relationship communication skills

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Proven techniques, reliable results, sound business goals and translating them into your daily project management, focus on your vision and building a specific plan to make it happen.

What they think about our work together:

Jane Dimitrova,

Founder of Foodobox - The app against food waste, shares what her team took out of our collaboration: long-term goal setting, project management, team communication and leadership needs, plus adding more fun to running their business.

Raymond Dumee,
Co-founder and COO at sustain credits, shares how he accomplished better time and project management, what unexpected benefits he gained from our work together and what he struggled with before our coaching.

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As seen in:

PR and media presence - Anastasiia Dehtiarova communication facilitator for sustainable bu
I could tell you about my credentials: a decade of marketing and business expertise, two decades of expertise in teamwork, years of figuring out my own path and business after big mistakes and continuous upskilling I don't compromise on. But that's boring.

What I will tell you, instead, is that I collaborate with you on how to be, do, say and have the right things in your business so that the team, clients, investors and your accountants are proud of your magic and impact in the world.
How about that?

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