Event speaking, hosting and moderation

I've been hosting and moderating events since 2012, starting from running conferences at my university and arriving at speaking at stages about my entrepreneurial journey and personal growth.

I am hosting online events on sustainability and leadership, or offline training for the clients and my teams. Whenever I'm in charge of people's experience at an event, I ask myself: "How can I serve the audience in the best possible way?". This question has been relieving me from stress and stage fright, plus it's amazing for taming the ego and putting me in support mode.

Check out some of the sessions that I've either co-organized or was invited to in the past couple of years:

Book reading exclusive of "Blissful: A guidebook for growing humans"

Vulnerable courage - How to take a "safe" plunge?

A workshop on genuine personal branding

Green leaders workshop series.png

Speaker and organizer at "Green leaders..." series on strategic on marketing, team guidance and humble leadership in sustainable organizations

Interdependence: Why collaboration boosts business growth​​ - Freelance Business Month 2021

Sustainability is good for business.jpg

Speaker and host of the webinar Why sustainability is good for business


Mentor and lecturer at Changemakers' Academy

Story me & Open Sofia June 2021-44.jpg
story me-54.jpg

Speaker and event host at the Story Me, a series of events on entrepreneurship in Bulgaria

LFIO 2.png

Event host and moderator for the webinar How leaders make tough choices amidst crisis


Speaker and facilitator for the two-part event by Multi Kulti Collective and Open Sofia Foundation "How To Win In 2022"

Why is community building the best marketing tactic,

Freelance Business for Marketing and Sales 2021

Content strategy: how to tailor it to the business needs,

Freelance Business Month 2020

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