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Hey there, I'm Ana.

What you may or may not know about me is that I'm madly in love with my life, work and the people around me. I get to create leadership and personal development content, speak at events and training sessions, and coach immigrant entrepreneurs while freelancing and looking for new assignments.


You might see me travel and eat delicious food. You might have heard that I've written a book about how I arrived to live this beautiful life. 


What you might not know are the continuous doubts, fears to be louder than I'm "allowed" to, impostor syndrome, business and money struggles, dealing with identity crisis as my family is split politically and physically between Russia, Ukraine and Europe, and daily inner work.


I've been giving away my time to situations that were not worth it, trying to please people who'd already decided they would never love me. Just a couple of years ago I was depressed, stuck with the wrong people, debts and loss of my own identity. I couldn't see myself surrounded by love, care, respect, interesting work, wealth and abundance.


All my sacrifices of moving abroad several times, all the loss and difficulties that only immigrants can understand - they lost their meaning and valuable lessons. Every day I was asking myself: is this all there is? It was a nightmare.


I know there are people like me, those who are going through difficult times, those who can't recognize themselves in the mirror anymore. And this is especially critical for immigrant business owners and leaders, who are always asking themselves: "Am I doing enough? Will I ever be able to break the cycle?"


That's why I am talking about all this to you, open and vulnerable. I know where you have been and where you are. I know how hard it is. I want to give you what I know in the form of posts, videos, my book and my presence.


I want to help you learn the magic of intentional growth and personal development because it helped me overcome personal and business difficulties in the past and gave me powerful tools for the struggles of the future. 


You might have seen my credentials and over 10 years of experience in marketing, content production and work with international communities. That's why now I'm focusing on business and growth coaching for immigrant entrepreneurs:


💚 The world wants to see you with all the diversity, color and heritage you bring to the table

💚 The inequality and bias are real and heart-breaking

💚 I have big plans on working with migrant and refugee NGOs, as well as developing the educational sector and youth leadership to address big problems that international citizens face when moving into a new country. I am also planning to open a foundation to run a co-living space and business accelerator for immigrant social entrepreneurs and dedicate a chunk of the company's profits to its activities.


Are you with me?

In case you ever need a proof

(otherwise, check out my LinkedIn

for my work and confirmation of my humanness):

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Proven techniques, reliable results, sound business goals and translating them into your daily project management, focus on your vision and building a specific plan to make it happen.

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