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Blissful: Guidebook
for growing humans

My first book is here!

A guidebook full of personal lessons and practices I've been doing to drag myself out of debt, wrong relationships and depression, not knowing what to do in life and business, living throughothers' expectations.

It's a journey to self-love through gentle discipline. This book is written for anyone looking to live a better fuller life, especially entrepreneurs!.

  • What is this book about?
    This book is a collection of personal and intimate stories, coupled with concrete practices I have been doing daily to cope with various difficulties: from divorce and finding myself back to financial setbacks, running a business and living in foreign countries for the past 7 years. I share what I discovered and how my life changed ever since I've decided to be my own strong and magical human being. This hasn't been easy and I'm sure you will be able to see yourself in many situations I talk about!
  • Why blissful?
    This has been the word I'd use to describe the feelings about my life. With all the mess and wonderful moments, I can only be immensely grateful to be alive and experience everything.
  • Is it for me?
    Many things were out of balance in my life and I discovered I had to work on loving myself first - I wasn't saying things I had to, I was telling myself wrong stories, I couldn't accept who I really was. If you think that's you - give this book a chance. It might help.
  • I am a leader - can this book help?
    Absolutely. This book is the first one and it focuses on your own journey. After all, whatever context we are in, it's always about human interaction. We live our lives with ourselves and we need to make sure we like who we are - for our own sake. We work and build relationships with other humans and we need to understand how to coexist in such a complex world with our own complexities. We sell to and buy things from other humans. Other humans love, support, forget, betray us and we have very little control over it. Life asks us to grow already - I share with you how to be the master of it and not a victim. There is a chapter called "Why will we want to change the world" with a collection of stories about my entrepreneurial journey and how I got to be a leader of a 40-people collective. My next book will be about blissful team, pinky promise!
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