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How do you know it's for you?


✔️ You have a fear that you might miss out on something important and the "fragile" success you've had so far will disappear

✔️ You strive to keep the team motivated as they grow

✔️ You are worried that things will get out of control

✔️ You are conflicted between giving the team their creative freedom and asserting your direction

✔️ You want to be a great team leader and you realize it's a whole new set of skills

✔️ You feel lonely and misunderstood by your close circle, trying to keep to yourself the struggles you're going through

✔️ You strongly believe that collaborations support the green sector, its profitability, growth and impact

What can you expect?

What can we focus on?


👉 Stronger leadership skills and personal charisma

👉 Effective team management and aligned communication

👉 Connection with suppliers, partners and investors globally

👉Strong network building and knowledge sharing tailored to sustainable businesses

👉 Balancing work and life as an entrepreneur

👉 Better marketing strategies and tactics

👉  Guiding your team to a more powerful performance

After the two 2-h free trial sessions and a private coaching session that help you understand if you can get something good out of our time together,

your monthly subscription includes:

▶️ 4 hours of mastermind calls focused on resolving your struggles and sharing advice between green entrepreneurs and team leaders so that you can grow your company exponentially

▶️ 1 hour of a private coaching session and unlimited messaging for personal support, goal-setting and accountability

▶️ Invited speakers to focus on specific skill building for better networking, marketing, sales, leadership, project management and more. Some will be in from other industries to exchange the best and unusual practices!

▶️ Connection with green entrepreneurs, suppliers, leaders and initiatives with whom you can partner up, build products and create a better service for your clients

▶️ Free copy of my book "Blissful: A guidebook for growing humans" in PDF, ePub, mobi to give you a ton of resources, personal stories and ideas on how to make your days more exciting and fun

▶️ VAT invoice for your company, personalized customer support so that your personal development can be deducted as a formative service

▶️...and more cool things that I'm planning for you as a surprise! (think extra events and workshops with invited thought leaders, speaking opportunities, referrals, and sustainable goods from partners), just because you deserve it!

$̶4̶5̶0̶  $300

discount valid until 31.08.2022

What they think about our work together:

Jane Dimitrova,

Founder of Foodobox - The app against food waste, shares about what her team took out of our collaboration: long-term goal setting, project management, team communication and leadership needs, plus fun running their great business, too!

Raymond Dumee,
Co-founder and COO at sustain credits, shares how he accomplished better time and project management, what unexpected benefits he gained from our work together and what he struggled with before our coaching.

As seen in:

PR and media presence - Anastasiia Dehtiarova communication facilitator for sustainable bu

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