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Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Check out my video podcast channel where I'm talking to the great minds of the sustainability sector on what they do well so they can grow in the right way.

I also share the practices and ideas that leaders of the green teams can implement so that they can grow autonomously and support their teams to reach success as their organizations grow.

For example, here's a conversation with Fotis Sousalis, General Manager of Terra Creta. I spoke to their employees and farmers and let me tell you, those people have their hearts right at the center of their work. It blew my socks off to see what it meant to the team to deliver one of the best products in the world. With some of them, we could not even talk without a translator, so if I say their energy was in the right place, I mean it!

One of my most favorite videos is my conversation with Lanks Mahasen Gunawardena of sustain credits on the three value pillars he's built his company: loving-kindness, science and greed.

I also create solo episodes where I talk about some of the best practices that I recommend (after testing them for years on myself) to all leaders and entrepreneurs to support their own growth and create a culture of curiosity and challenge within their teams. Here are some of my favorite videos:

Benefits of self-development and personal growth - I'm talking about how your daily growth practices change you and the world around you.

My daily practice for performance, clarity and peace of mind: meditation, journaling, digital wellbeing, exercise, managing all the projects at once and many more.

Meditation doesn't work? Can't manage to "clear your mind"? I bet I can explain to you why! Let's talk about the reason why it's one of the best productivity tools, a necessary mental hygiene practice and much easier than you think.

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